CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- After a long day of work, all Debbie McGrath and her husband want to do is unwind and play with their two Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies.

The last thing I want to do at the end of the day is go to the grocery store and go shopping, smiles Debbie.

Fortunately for the McGraths, it s all taken care of. As planned, the doorbell to their Charlotte home rings, and Debbie is greeted by a man in a bright green polo shirt, with bags of groceries in hand.

It s so convenient. That s my favorite thing about it. It s like okay, what s the catch? There s got to be something. But there s no catch at all. No fees, they don t accept tips. It s wonderful.

The delivery is from the newly launched business, Lettuce Carry, an online grocery store. Once a week, Debbie or her husband logs on to the website and places their order, choosing between 11,000 items.

Those grocery and household items--ranging from produce to local meats, even specialty items--are housed in a non-descript warehouse in Pineville.

These are our breads from a local bakery. We purchase them daily, so our customers can get the freshest bread, points out one of Lettuce Carry s employees.

This is the central nervous system where orders come in, picked and sorted, packaged and loaded into a bright green refrigerated truck, ready to be delivered.

One thing you ll notice is despite carrying thousands of items, the selection is smaller than a traditional supermarket, which features 40,000 to 50,000 items. Trader Joe s has approximately 4,000 or 5,000.

We have all the fancy brand names you can find at the grocery store, says Holly Wharry of Lettuce Carry.

The company claims they can save you between 6 and 8 percent off regular store prices, because of low overhead.

We re in an industrial warehouse. All those fancy things [like retail space, sales circulars, etc.] we don t need, says Wharry.

NewsChannel 36 did the math, and chose five random items from Lettuce Carry, and compared them to prices at two different grocery stores. Ultimately, Lettuce Carry s prices were indeed 6 to 8 percent less.

However, occasionally the difference would be more or less. One particular variety of citrus cost a whopping 60 percent less at Lettuce Carry, while a package of pork chops was about one dollar more. There are no sales with Lettuce Carry, or coupons accepted.

We want to save our customers as much time as possible, so no coupons, says Wharry.

So far, the company only has about 50 customers. The minimum order is $25, and Lettuce Carry will deliver to much of the Charlotte metro, and parts of South Carolina.

They currently offer beer, wine and tobacco products, and soon plan to expand into prescription medication delivery.

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