BELMONT, N.C. A search is underway for a mother who just seemed to disappear off the radar.

Elizabeth Liz Stonger, 27, was last seen on Sunday as she left the Walmart in Belmont on her lunch break.

Her sister said she last used her cell phone a minute after clocking out to check her voice mail.

She has a 2-year old son and lives in Lowell. Her sister says it just isn't like her to leave him.

This is not anything we would expect from her. She's in love with her son. I can't believe she would take off, said Amy Stronger.

I don't think we're going to get good news. I'm just hoping we get some kind of news, because I can't live my life not knowing what happened.

Investigators think she could be in the Marion area and the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Stronger was driving a burgundy 1998 Chevy Lumina with North Carolina tag ABC6609. There's also a happy bunny sticker on the fuel door and a woman and child stick figure family on the back.

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