CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- During the past week or so, the Charlotte area has been hit with a couple of freezes and frost. So now that the growing season is over it is time for the kids and some teachers to start looking for snow.

The earliest snowfall in Charlotte was October 31, 1887 when a trace fell. The earliest the city received one inch of snow was November 11, 1968.

It is not surprising to see snow in the mountains this time of the year, and it has already occurred, but also don t be surprised if we see a few of those flakes here in Charlotte.

Looking back at the last 130 years, it has snowed during 37 November s. That s about a 31 percent chance for snow some time during the month.

How much snow will Charlotte get this winter? Click here for First Warn Storm Team Chief Meteorologist Brad Panovich's forecast.

Even though the odds are low for snow it at least gives kids hope for snow.

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