CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A blogger over at posted a heartfelt letter to the moms of Newtown, CT, who lost their beloved children in the shooting massacre last week at Sandy Hook Elementary.

The letter, posted to the site on Tuesday, reads as follows:

A letter to the Newtown mothers

Dear Beautiful Mothers of Newtown,

We are so sorry. We are so very, very sorry. Our hearts are completely torn in bits over your loss, and we don t know how else to say it because there are simply no words. All we know is that we have to say it that we as mothers can t ignore It. That just because the unimaginable happened to you and not us and just because you live hundreds of miles away, it s not OK for us to continue on without telling you that your children s lives have changed everything. We think about you so much we think we know you. In fact, we can t possibly believe that you are strangers because we have too much in common. We have children the same age with the same lengthy Christmas wish lists. We have the same weekend sporting events, the same shows DVR d for a rainy afternoon, the same junk food in our pantries. We gave birth the same year, maybe the same month. We both blinked and realized time tricked us once again when we saw our babies waltzing into 1st grade.

We look at our sons and daughters now and collectively gasp at your heartache.

We think about you in our still moments. We think about you during our craziest moments. We forget for a few minutes when we re distracted by a tantrum or a long shopping list or a holiday party, then want to vomit when we realize that we can forget about It for a second, but you can t.

We can t tell you we know how you feel, and we can t tell you it will get better. All we can tell you is that the moms of Charlotte hold you so close in our hearts and only hope your knowing this will give you a nanosecond of relief from the heartache.

Your children s lives have changed the way we see our own children. They have reminded us that the greatest gift we can give our children on Christmas morning and every other morning is love that we can t really depend on anything else and that our biggest responsibility as moms is to teach them to love. Everything else is inconsequential.

We want to take away your pain. We want our collective heartache to rewind the clock and rewrite history. We want you to have your children back plain and simple.

But we can t do any of that, and the helplessness infuriates us. What we can do is tell you that thousands of Charlotte moms are behind you over the next few days, months, and years. We will probably never meet, but we will never be strangers.

Sending our love north to all of you,

The Smarty Moms of Charlotte

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