CONCORD, N.C. -- Two Cabarrus County deputies are facing drug charges. They're accused of doctor shopping, trying to get their hands on some powerful prescription drugs.

The State Bureau of Investigation has been looking at the two deputies for weeks. They say the cases are separate, but both men allegedly did their doctor shopping in Charlotte to acquire prescription painkillers illegally.

Jason Lee Frye, 26, and Kevin Lee Wingler, 35, turned themselves in to the Mecklenburg County Jail Wednesday afternoon.

We caught up with Wingler at his Cabarrus County home and tried to talk to him about the charge.

We just wanted to be fair and give you a chance to talk, reporter Glenn Counts said to Wingler.

No, you're not being fair, replied Wingler. Thank you and have a good day.

Because the sheriff would not talk to us, we don't know the job status of the two men. Sources tell us they no longer have jobs, but Wingler is still listed on the department's website as a supervisor over training. The cases have the potential to damage the department's reputation.

Practically, every law enforcement organization has run into a black sheep situation here and there but it's always disappointing, said Don Linker, a retired probation officer.

Well, I'm really shocked because Concord is a quiet town even though it's close proximity to Charlotte, said John Afragakis, owner of Mr. C's restaurant.

Even though both deputies were arrested on the same day, the SBI says the cases are not connected. The deputies are accused of trying to get hydrocodone, Xanax and methadone. Investigators say the drugs were for personal use and were not sold.

Both men were out of jail just a couple hours after turning themselves in. Their bonds were set at about $2,500.

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