CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The Derita Redskins have the oldest youth football program in Charlotte with some of the most loyal fans. The team was started in 1973.

More than 200 kids participate, but last week their home field located in the 4900 block of West Sugar Creek was violated.

So when I came out to dump the trash, I said something is missing and then I looked and no bleachers, said Team President George Griffin.

The bleachers were portable and had been donated by the Carolina Panthers and Lowes last year. The team had 5 sets and they sell for 24-hundred dollars apiece.

One was sitting here the other one sitting over there two over there and then one on the other side, said Griffin.

He says he and the coaches didn t feel cementing the bleachers was necessary given their size and the proximity of homes located next to the field in the 4900 block of West Sugar Creek.

Being surrounded by all these houses we didn't think somebody would come in broad daylight or at night because they would feel that somebody is watching.

The thieves unlocked the gate and removed the bleachers and then locked it back. The coaches are trying to figure out what they can do to replace them.

They are very disappointed about somebody coming and taking from us they are just saying we'll have to work a little harder, said Griffin.

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