MOORESVILLE, N.C. -- A NASCAR driver is turning to fans to help get him to the races.

Sponsorship money is tough to come by, so he's selling off his car piece, by piece.

When he raced at Daytona in 2011, Brian Keselowski had more than 130 sponsors. The idea: just get in on the action.

Most people told us they wanted to be on board but not for the price we needed. So what we decided to do is try to break up the spots and give a lot of people a little chance to be on a Sprint Cup car, he told NBC Charlotte.

He and his publicist came up with the idea after connecting with fans on Facebook and Twitter.

Jen Calandrillo said, It s a big deal for a lot of the fans. They just want that personal connection, so we try to provide that and hope to grow it from there

For about 250 bucks you can get your business name or personal message on the car.

Where a Jeff Gordon or a Jimmie Johnson is going to have a singular sponsor, mine has a lot of little sponsors. We broke up a lot of positions on the car and said we need a certain amount of money for each part of the car, and we divided it up so there might be 10 spots where one used to be, Keselowski explains.

It costs $120,000 to go to a single race.

It s very difficult to come up with all that, but also when you re trying to build a program like we re doing, were starting from the ground zero.

And he's excited about sharing the love, and hopeful it means he'll get to share the road.

He is trying to get enough money together to race in the Poconos this weekend. It's down to the wire. If he doesn't, he'll use it to go to the next race.

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