CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- NBC Charlotte is excited to tell you about an event we're a part of this year.

It's called the Be the Match, Walk and Run to help raise awareness about the potential that you can save a life.

Kay Jemsek, her eight year old daughter Jordan, and a close family friend Louise Hindal just met in may but they are close friends, sharing a bond that goes way beyond the last four months.

Several years ago, Louise was volunteering at 24 hours of booty, when she heard people talking in the next tent over, about the Be the Match bone marrow registry.

She got swabbed but didn t hear anything for two and a half years.

In August of 2009, Kay Jemsek was spending the last moments with her mother, a victim of ovarian cancer.

Several weeks later, doctors told her about yet another battle with cancer. This time, it was her 6 year old daughter, Jordan

But when it was Jordan, it was so hard, I was so lost, it was almost too much to bear, she remembers.

Treatment led to remission. Then, Jordan caught what appeared to be a cold, but it was much worse.

Her leukemia is back, and the chemo is not going to work, she needs a bone marrow transplant to live, Jemsek says.

Kay tried family members, but there was no match. Back to Louise, who got swabbed on a spur of the moment decision.

Two and a half years....I got a phone call from mom, I was away at college, be the match and its urgent, call them back, she told us. And they came to me and they said, we found a match.

Louise was that match.

At that point, though, she only knew she was helping a six year old girl with leukemia

It just, it totally made it even more powerful.

Louise went through the discomfort of the bone marrow extraction.
Two years later, after a required waiting period, cancer patient, and life saving donor, met.

Now Jordan's just an energetic eight year old, playing with Kirby her dog and not thinking about cancer.

Jordan says, I d rather be jumping in front of Mom making silly faces and dancing! Cancer free since May, her family is eternally thankful.

It's hard to put into words how you thank someone who save your daughter's life. I see God in all of's such an answer to a prayer.

If you want to be a part of the be the match walk run on Saturday, it's at Jetton Park in Cornelius. Check out for all of the details.

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