Twitter has been ruffling a few feathers lately.

The social media website started showing images and vine videos automatically in its users feeds on Tuesday. That means you don't have to click to see what's there.But not everyone is happy about the new look. If you prefer the old school design, you can simply turn off image previews in your Twitter settings.

Motorola's new cell phone project might have us updating our phones differently in the future. It's called Project Ara: Modular and Customizable Smart phones. Basically you would build or update with what is called phonebloks. If you want a better camera, you install it. If you want a better battery, it's your choice. A prototype should be out during the winter.

The iPhone 5S and 5C are only a couple of months old, but rumors about an iPhone 6 are already flying. The magazine Mac Fan says the new phone will have a five-inch, full HD retina display screen. It is expected to launch in September 2014.

The place where Apple began is now a historic site, according to The Los Altos, California Historical Commission designated a modest house where Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak built the first Apple computer in the garage. Jobs' stepmother currently lives in the home.

Tuesday was National Cat Day. Technology has finally reached the point where you can celebrate with a real cat or kitten, whether you have one or not. Car-for-hire service Uber added a one-day only option in New York, San Francisco and Seattle. Instead of hiring a driver, Uber delivered a kitten for you to love on for 15 minutes. It only cost $20, and all of the money raised went to animal shelters in each city.

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