SALISBURY, N.C. -- Sandy and Casey Parsons appeared in court Tuesday morning for a custody hearing.

Sandy and Casey Parsons are the adoptive parents of the missing teen, Erica Parsons. Erica was last seen about two years ago, but wasn't reported missing until this summer.

Her adoptive brother, Jamie, is the one who reported Erica missing.

Tuesday after court, speaking with NBCCharlotte for the first time, Jamie said he just wanted Erica back, and that he will keep the search for Erica in front of the public forever, if he has to.

Casey and Sandy Parsons are in court fighting for custody of their two youngest children, who were placed in the custody of Casey's parents back in September.

Tammy Gray, Casey Parsons' sister told NBCCharlotte's Richard Devayne during a break in the custody hearing, I hope they never get their kids back.

Gray testified against the Parsonses in court on Tuesday.

After a short recess, Jamie Parsons took the stand to testify in the custody hearing for his two youngest siblings.

No charges have been filed in Erica Parsons' disappearance. The Rowan County Sheriff's Office continues to investigate.

Richard Devayne is in the courtroom. We'll share any updates as they become available, and Richard will have the full story tonight on NBCCharlotte beginning at 4 p.m.

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