GASTONIA, N.C. -- The Gaston County Department of Health and Human services will not comment on the investigation into alleged child abuse in Union county.

This is troubling for some people like Jim and Ruth Turner, who have dealt with DSS over the years and feel the department has a great reputation.

It's great and very thorough, said Jim from his home in Gastonia.

He and his wife are hoping to adopt another child through the county. Jim said that he is concerned because Wanda Larson, who was arrested with her long time boyfriend Dorian Harper for cruelty to a child. Police say they cuffed a boy to the front porch and he was found with a dead chicken around his neck actually. The couple got the child from Gaston County.

How could they get a child? said Ruth. Maybe they (Gaston County) was afraid of her position.

According to the state policies and procedures, because Larson was a supervisor in another county, she had to get the child from another county.

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