CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Police are searching for a suspect and motive behind a shooting Wednesday morning at a Circle K gas station in the 5000 block of Sunset Road.

The gunshots had witnesses running and hiding, as well as a car crashing into a small ditch. Nobody was injured.

Police say one shot broke out the window of a parked SUV at the gas station and another bullet hit the wall of a Hardee's restaurant next door.

Jason Richard was eating breakfast at that Hardee's.

I heard three to four shots, Richard said. But I didn't see who was shooting.

He watched as a white car crashed into a small ditch right after he heard those gunshots.

Richard says a man wearing camouflage pants jumped out of the car and into a black SUV driven by a woman, who was backing out of Hardee's at the same time. Richard says it appears the female driver knew the man who jumped and ran from the crashed car.

She backed out and he jumped in the car, he said.

Police say a female driver claimed she was carjacked and kidnapped after the shooting.

Those claims brought police to a house just a few minutes away from the shooting scene.

Police at the house said it was not a kidnapping or carjacking, but the woman's claims are still under investigation.

For now, just who fired the gun isn't known.

Richard is thankful none of the gunshots came through the windows or hit customers.

Lucky it didn't come through the glass and hit anybody or nothing because there were a bunch of people around here.

Richard says that included a man on a bike in the parking lot who fell to the ground on purpose once the gunfire started.

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