ROCK HILL, SC -- Three people broke into a Rock Hill jewelry store and staged a daring pre-dawn heist.

Surveillance video from cameras inside the store show the three all dressed in black and all carrying large bags.

They can be seen moving around the store grabbing items from each of the display cases.

Police say the trio first tried to enter the store by prying open a back door.

The heavy metal door was scarred by what appeared to be several blows from a hammer or pry bar.

The door was bent but was never opened.

Instead the thieves then went around front and simply smashed their way in through the glass front door.

As the thieves were taking items, an alarm had alerted Rock Hill Police.

They had to be pretty quick to get in and get out before officers arrived, said Executive Officer Mark Bollinger.

Bollinger also said that based on what the thieves left behind, they were probably not the smartest crooks ever.

Officers found items scattered in the parking lot and on the floor, so these people were pretty sloppy and pretty fast, he said.

Customers pulling up to the store found it closed for much of Friday while the broken glass was cleaned up and the two doors were replaced.

Seeing the activity and the locked door, one of those customers, Guy Caompaore, said, This is my wife's ring. We were coming around to sell it. Wow...I am surprised.

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