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CHARLOTTE, N.C. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Investigators are trying to find the gunman who fired shots at a weekend party thrown for mega star Diddy at the Sheraton Uptown.

Two people were hit, both in the leg. Fortunately their injuries were not serious.

Several people captured the chaos and panic on their cell phone cameras as people fleeing the main ballroom had to look of a mad stampede.

It was a good time until what happened, happened, it was a great event until what happened, happened, said Zell, a party-goer who did not wish to give his last name.

Chaos it was chaos of course if somebody is shooting, you re going to get out of the way, he said.

Investigators don t believe the victims were the intended targets, they were apparently hit by stray bullets and they have no idea who pulled the trigger.

Police say the incident was preceded by a fight that cooled off and then flared back up.

Inell Beatty is upset that someone was allowed to get a gun in the party at all, her daughter was in attendance and she says security was lacking.

When Nelly was performing everybody jumped on the stage and she was really shocked that no one did any security, she said.

Despite this incident historically the CIAA has been a peaceful event; and this year the number of arrests is down.

Police say last year they arrested 21 people, this year the number was 12. Mayor Patrick Cannon says that s something to keep in mind in viewing this incident.

It was an isolated event that took place and something that will not upset the relationship, he said.

NBC Charlotte reached out to both the Sheraton and the Event Promoter; they declined to comment about the security.

For now police don t have a suspect, and they say they need the help of the public to solve this case.

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