CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Wanna-be mechanics were put to the test at Charlotte Motor Speedway in a contest put on by AAA on Thursday. The performance gave some real world experience to high school students who want to graduate and fix your cars.

It is a race to the finish.

Twenty teams of two, all high school students studying to be mechanics from the Carolinas, are trying to figure out what's wrong with these cars.

Each car purposely has 10 or so bugs.

Junior Chris Koch competed alongside his classmate and says, They give me a work order. It s a list of complaints of what is wrong with the car. If you're working in a dealership, you would get this from a customer. You have to figure out what s wrong with the car.

They have just an hour and a half to get things fixed, get the car started and across the finish line.

One team though they had it.

The car starts, but there are snags. They can t actually drive the car.

Koch knew his team wasn t even close.

It was pretty cool until we couldn t figure out how to get the car started. It was nerve-wracking.

His teacher is still thrilled.

James Stone said, It's good experience. This is what I call a real world experience for them.

Koch was trying to beat his dad, a mechanic who was in this same competition 20 years ago.

I had to do him better, that was my main goal. I had to beat the old man.

When that didn t happen he told us, Now, I pick up my pieces and I finish what I started. I m going to continue with this, even though I couldn t get this thing started, I'm still a mechanic.

The champs will now compete with the winners from the other states for school scholarships.
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