DENVER, N.C. -- Lincoln County authorities have identified a man who was murdered inside his home Wednesday morning.

Deputies identified the man late Thursday as 49-year-old Jimmy William Cole.

John Paul Gaddy, 23, was arrested Wednesday night and charged with murder in the case.

Neighbors say Cole lived by himself, but he was considered family by people in the community.

He was a great friend. He's the friend that everybody wants, said Caleb Johnson.

Johnson said Gaddy spent the night with his brother and sister-in-law the night of the crime.

[They] said he went off in a rage, had been drinking a little bit, being dumb, Johnson said. [He] went off in a rage, disappeared for a little while and come back with blood on him.

Gaddy's girlfriend, Diana Kriss, backed up the blood story.

It was just kind of splattered on his pants and on his arms. I don't think he did it, she told NewsChannel 36 on Wednesday.

Hours later, deputies arrested Kriss on drug possession charges after they searched her home.

I don't believe it for nothing. He come back, he had blood on him, she said Wednesday. But he said he got jumped by some people, so I don't know.

The explanation he gave his girlfriend didn't fly with deputies.

He was a troublemaker. I mean, some people around here liked him, tried to give him a chance, Johnson said. As you see, he showed he couldn't do that.

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