With a background in technology, the STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) camps are very interesting to me.

Check out the STEM Experience through Central Piedmont Community College. They offer camps for elementary, middle or high school students.

One of their camps that caught my eye is Crime Scene Investigator. Campers will process and document actual crime scenes including casting and molding shoe impressions. How cool is that??

Or how about a Computer Crimes camp where students will learn how detectives are able to find evidence of crimes on computers, cell phones and the Internet.

Project Scientist is another STEMCamp. Thery offer the Academy for girls ages 4-12 and Scholars for girls ages 12-16. Campers at the Academy will take an interest and expand upon it where Scholars leave with a personal business plan like a goal of winning the Google Science Award. The scholars travel to NASCARfacilities too.

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