CHARLOTTE, N.C. There has been a growing chorus of cries for the Mecklenburg County Commissioners to reconsider its vote to put a quarter-cent sales tax initiative on the November ballot.

American Airlines, one of the area s largest employers, put out a statement saying it will cost the company millions of dollars if it is passed.

Some members of the legislature are also saying that the Commissioners are overstepping and should not be involved in teacher pay issues.

I don t think it is overstepping, said Trevor Fuller, the chairman of the commission, who defended the vote.

Fuller said legislators were not doing their job and so the county had to act.

Unfortunately the state is supposed to be a partner with us but they have not quite stepped up to the plate, Fuller said.

Commissioner Pat Cotham said the commissioners didn t do their job and it will be teachers who suffer if they have to keep waiting to hear if they really will get a raise.

We shouldn t be gambling with this. We didn t do the hard work and make the tough decisions to see if we could have come up with the money ourselves, Cotham said.

Commissioner Karen Bentley said she would go along with a vote to reconsider the taxinitiative question, but she doubted the votes are there.

If we could get five votes to reconsider it, I would be supportive of that but I don t believe there is a majority appetite to reconsider, said Bentley.

Cotham agreed that there were not enough votes and she did not see any way there would be a vote to reconsider.
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