With temperatures not quite as high as they usually are this time of the year across the country, fan prices have dropped everywhere. In my continued quest to save you time and money, more bargains to beat the heat when it returns.

We've tested more than three dozen fans and now I have my top three to keep you cool at work, at home and on a patio. If you have central A.C., a fans is great to re-enforce a warmer area of your home, or a way to set your home thermostat a little higher.

Top Fan For Desk / Bedroom:

Lasko Air Sik 14 Oscillating Personal Fan + Free Ship To Store
Was: $35.00
Now: $24.00
**2 Speed, Quiet and the ideal desk or night-stand fan. I own two.

Top Fan For Homes / X-Large Rooms:

41% Off Optimus 18 Industrial Grade Stand Fan + Free Shipping
Was: $127.16
Now: $74.93
**Sturdy, high velocity fan with floor to ceiling ventilation. Did extremely well in our tests.

Top Patio / Balcony Fan:

41% Off Holmes Outdoor Misting Fan + Free Shipping
Was: $84.97
Now: $49.97
**The best value misting fan we've tested. Ideal for a patio. Huge price drop.

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We do not receive any financial compensation for mentioning any deal or company. The only purpose of this series is to save you money.

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