CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Baseball and fireworks just go together. After leaving for Fort Mill seven years ago, Charlotte's 4th of July Skyshow returns to Uptown this year.

Thousands are expected to fill the area for the event. WBT Operations Manager Matt Dubois says the party begins long before baseball or fireworks.

Starting with the street festival, which will be right here on Mint Street and it will run on MLK to Third Street. You'll have your typical bounce houses and rock climbing walls. There will also be live entertainment with live music on the street, said DuBois.

Rashaun Durden lives in Uptown and can't wait for the show right next door.

I personally think it s pretty cool to get some folks down here. Seeing fireworks outside my window isn't such a bad thing, said Durden.

Knights General Manager Scott Brown says the fireworks show will last about 30 minutes.

It's going to light up the entire Uptown skyline and it will be the biggest and brightest and longest show of the season, said Brown.

Dubois says there will be no parking allowed in the fallout zone and that area will be closed off between 8:30 and 9 p.m. It will reopen after the show.

And it's going to run about one city block in width, so Mint Street will be closed for the fireworks between Trade and Third Street, and Fourth Strett will be closed between Graham and Poplar, said DuBois.
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