CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Former Carolina Panthers player Rae Carruth is asking the United State Court of Appeals Fourth Circuit to take another look at his case.

Carruth was found guilty of conspiracy to commit murder in the death of his girlfriend, Cherica Adams, in 1999. Adams was pregnant andCarruth allegedly hired a hitman to kill her because he didn t want to pay child support.

Adams was shot multiple times, and rushed to the hospital. She later died from her injuries, but before she died, she fingered Carruth for the shooting. That information was included in Carruth s trial. Carruth wassentenced to 18 to 24 years in prison.

Carruth's lawyers have filed an appeal, saying that notes from what Adams said in the hospital should have been excluded because she was in shock from the shooting and under sedation for surgery.

Carruth has consistently denied any involvement with the shooting.

Documents: Read the appeal

On the 10th anniversary of the murder, NewsChannel 36 anchor Sonja Gantt sat down with the triggerman, Van Watkins, who is currently serving out his sentence in prison.

Watkins says Carruth offered him a lot of money to carry out the shooting.

Man s downfall is greed, Watkins explained. The football player was making $38,000 a week and I was making 15, and I wanted the easy way.

A hearing onCarruth's appeal is scheduled for Oct. 26 in Richmond, Va.

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