CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Three teenagers have been arrested after their attempt to break into a home was thwarted by a sword-wielding man.

Police say 19-year-old Jarod Pearson, 17-year-old Keith Byers and 16-year-old Christopher Henry are charged with attempted breaking and entering and conspiracy.

Jesse Endsley, 19, tells us he was home, sleeping, when he heard a knock on the door of his family's home on Stillwell Oaks Circle on Dec. 8. He says he looked out, and saw three men talking in the yard. He ran upstairs when he saw them go to the back of his house. That's where he grabbed the samurai sword he'd purchased at a convention for fans of the Japanese cartoons called Anime in May.

Endsley tells us he confronted the teens, who then ran away. He chased after them with that sword.

I didn't know if they had anything on them, he said. I just knew that I had this, and if they had stopped or turned around, I was swinging at the first person that looked at me.

Police caught with all three teens. Endsley helped identify them as the alleged burglars.

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