CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The family of a 16-year-old who stowed away in an airplane s wheel well and died after falling from the plane has hired an attorney.

Delvonte Tisdale went missing from his Charlotte home on Nov. 14 and his body was found on a street in Milton, Massachusetts on Nov. 15.

Tisdale s family hired The Chestnut Firm, according to a press release.

Attorney Christopher Chestnut included this statement in the release:

The evidence in this case makes it quite clear which party is at fault, and the family has every intention of pursuing legal action of the highest order, said Chestnut. While we agreed with authorities request to hold on announcing this case until after the busy holiday travel season to avoid inciting public outrage, panic and possible logistical concerns during this critical period for the airline industry, it s now time this story be told and all facets of it explored - including the considerable ominous implications to our national security at large.

Most importantly, we intend to seek justice for a child who, although culpable for making irresponsible and immature decisions representative of his age, should never have successfully gained access to that airplane. Had airport security been up to par, he would be alive and well with his family today.

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