CHESTERFIELD, S.C. -- A magnitude 2.9 earthquake is the talk of several small Carolina towns.

It struck at 6:02 p.m. Monday in the border area of Chesterfield, South Carolina and Morven, North Carolina.

It was like a big jet or Army plane that flew over really low is what it sounded like to start with and then it was a big boom, like a crash of thunder, Amy Stroud said.

Near the earthquake's epicenter, the woods near Highway 145 and Sweeney Road, Charles Little's heard a noise while he was sleeping.

Just a big noise, then it started shaking a little bit. It did that constantly for about 15 to 20 seconds, Little said.

Terrell Birch's moment of confusion came while he was on the computer.

I heard a big bang and didn't know what it was, Birch said.

Neither did people calling 911, including a woman attending Bible study at White Oak Grove Baptist Church.

It sounded like something hit the side of the church with a big blast or something like that and the pastor said that's just the wind. I knew it wasn't the wind, but I didn't know what it was, the caller said.

Another 911 call came from the nearby town of McFarlan.

Our whole house just shook, the caller said. Did you have any reports of that?

Yes ma'am, responded the 911 operator.

There were more calls from other parts of Anson County as well.

Did you hear that shake while ago? A caller asked.

No ma'am, responded the Anson County 911 communications employee.

You didn't? the caller asked.

No ma'am, said the operator.

Oh, I did, the caller said.

The small quake originated a half mile underground.

It created energy comparable to approximately 400 kilograms of dynamite exploding, according to the South Carolina Geological Survey.

That s just enough to rattle nerves, but not enough to cause damage.

I never ever thought ooh, we had an earthquake, Stroud said.

The South Carolina Seismic Network says this isn t an isolated incident.

At least five other earthquakes of 2.0 or greater have occurred in South Carolina in the last two years.

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