HUDSON, N.C. -- Emily Dietrich, the biological mother of Zahra Baker, hugged Jake Icenhour Friday at the memorialhe built on his property - where some of Zahra's remains were found.

Dietrich had flown to North Carolina from Australia for Elisa Baker's court hearing Thursday, where Zahra's stepmother pleaded guilty to murdering and dismembering the 10-year-old girl.

In October of last year, Elisa Baker led investigators to Christie Road in Hudson and showed them where Zahra's prosthetic leg had been dumped. Police also found one of Zahra's arms in the underbrush.

Just feet away from that spot is where Icenhour said he felt compelled to build the memorial where people have left flowers and messages for Zahra.

After meeting Dietrich, Icenhour said, This is the first time I am meeting her in person. We've talked on Facebook but never met each other.

Dietrich did not want to talk with reporters but Icenhour said justice for Zara will be complete when Elisa Baker faces federal drug charges in November. If she is convicted, that sentence will be tacked on to the 15 to 18 year term she already faces.

She'll be in prison for life and I am satisfied with that, Icenhour said.

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