GASTON COUNTY, N.C. -- He s a habitual liar.

That s what defense attorneys argued in court on Monday during the murder trial of Danny Hembree.

Hembree is on trial for the 2009 murder of 17-year-old Heather Catterton. Jurors viewed taped confessions last week where he admitted to killing three women.

For defense attorneys the hope is jurors will believe Hembree's words on the stand not on tape.

On Monday, defense attorneys called several witnesses to try to support Hembree's claims that he was lying when he made two separate taped confessions to police.

The first person called to the stand was a detective from Florida who testified that Hembree confessed to killing two women in Brevard County in the 1990's.

Hembree said he killed the women with another man but police never found any evidence of such a crime and felt Hembree was making the story up.

Last week the 49-year-old told jurors that he lied - in two taped confessions - about killing three women in both confessions Hembree told police he not only choked and killed 17-year-old Heather Catterton, but also Randi Saldana.

Hembree claims he accidentally killed Saldana, but Catterton died after a wild night of drugs.

The defense also called a clinical psychologist to the stand who testified that Hembree had a brain impairment and told her he lied to police.

Another witness, a medical examiner, from New York said that Catterton could have died by cocaine in her system.

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