LENOIR, N.C. -- Adam Baker was in court for a range of misdemeanor charges on Thursday.

The father of Zahra Baker is facing charges of failing to return rented property, two counts of communicating threats, assault with a deadly weapon and five counts of writing worthless checks.

Baker s attorney said he was ready for trial, but the judge allowed another continuance in the case.

Baker s new trial is set for January 5.

After leaving the courtroom, Baker says he's frustrated with all of the continuances. He said he simply wants to put all of these charges behind him.

If convicted Baker could face up to 120 days in jail for each count, but his attorney,Shell Pearce, says probation is more likely.

The worst case scenario here, if he's found guilty of any of it and treated like everyone else, then he'll get probation, said Pearce.

Baker also refuted statements Elisa Baker said of how he helped dismember and dispose of his daughter s body.

I'm mad, said Baker when asked about Elisa Baker's accusations.

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