Three women have filed a federal suit against their former employer, alleging they endured adverse employment action after turning down the owner's sexual advances.

The suit was filed Monday against The Pain Relief Centers, P.A., which has operated clinics in Conover, Statesville and Salisbury. The suit was filed by former employees Deana Lingle, Leslie Treadway and Robin Perun.

The women alleged that Dr. Hans Hansen, the company's owner and principal, created a sexually hostile work environment.

Each said Hansen subjected them to sexual comments, proposals, overtures, and unwanted and unwelcome physical touching on a number of occasions, according to suit filed in Statesville on Monday.

Among the claims: Lingle alleged that Hanson once told her had dreamed she had danced naked for him. He also reportedly asked her if you ---- everyone else, why not let me?

Treadway alleges Hansen asked her to go into a restroom or examination room so he could touch her and her private areas.

In the suit, Lingle and Treadway said they both reported Hansen's conduct to office managers. A former director said she had received other complaints and that there was nothing she could do - that (Hansen) would not listen to her.

All women have since left their jobs.

The women say they have suffered damages in excess of $100,000 and are seeking compensatory and punitive damages. Lingle and Treadway also are requesting to be reinstated to their job at the Pain Relief Centers following the imposition of reasonable corrective measures to protect them.

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