UNDATED -- They're talking about it and they're blogging about it. The swine flu has mothers all over the world seeking advice.

Whether playing together or sharing toys, germs are easy to spread. Many moms worry about how to keep their kids healthy, especially during the flu season.

Should your kid get a flu shot? What about a swine flu shot? Is it safe? Many moms are asking questions and they're turning to the Internet to see what other moms out there are saying.

Andra Davidson runs Mothers Click, an online forum devoted to moms who want to social network.

Because you do see a lot of similarities in what moms are having issues with, and moms love to share information, Davidson said.

And what they're sharing now are questions about the swine flu.

New entries are coming into Mothers Click from all over the world, all day long.

Moms have a lot of concerns right now about the vaccine. It came on really fast. There hasn't been a lot of testing. What are the side effects? Nobody really knows any of this, Davidson said.

So Davidson, who started Mothers Click three years ago in her garage, is watching her community grow by the hour, becoming the hotspot for online swine flu dialogue.

We see a lot of different opinions, Davidson said. It's a great place to get some research, see what other parents are doing, and make the decision best for your family.

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