CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Georgia law enforcement officials said the three men questioned in Charlotte for an Atlanta-area triple homicide are not considered suspects in the killings.

Rashad Cornelius Johnson, 31, and Raheem Richardson, 40, were charged with conspiracy to traffic cocaine. The third person is not being charged with anything, according to police.

Police said the three men drove from Virginia down to Lawrenceville, Georgia with two of the murder victims to purchase cocaine from the apartment complex where the murders took place.

Police said a shooting took place at the apartment that left three men dead Wednesday night, but Johnson and Richardson were not apart of it.

Georgia officials said Brian Lamont White, 36, James Edward Isiac, 64, and Farris Allen Weston, 44, were the three victims murdered.

Officials said White and Isiac were the two victims that traveled down to Georgia with Johnson, Richardson and another unidentified man to purchase cocaine.

Johnson, Richardson and the unidentified man left the Lawrenceville apartment to head back to Virginia before police arrived at the apartment, according Georgia authorities.

The North Carolina Highway Patrol and Charlotte police were able to use a cell phone signal to help find the three men Georgia officials were looking for Thursday morning.

Troopers said Georgia authorities alerted them they were tracing three men via a cell phone signal that was in the Charlotte-area.

Georgia authorities gave the description of the vehicle and suspects to Charlotte police and the North Carolina Highway Patrol, according to deputies.

A few hours later, troopers said they pulled over a van with three men in it on Interstate 85 near Mallard Creek Church Road. The men and a Dodge Caravan match the description that Georgia authorities had given.

Georgia officials in Gwinnett County were alerted and made their way to Charlotte to question the three suspects this morning.

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