CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Ashley Stevens is just 3-years-old, but she remembers the twister that blew her house to shreds, ripping her, her sisters and brother right from their beds in the early hours of Saturday morning.

The wind blewed it off. It broke our house, she said.

The family is staying at grandpa's house down the road, and things almost seem normal. There are hot dogs for lunch. It's the first time they've all been together since the storm came through.

It was like a dream. I thought it was a dream and I do remember feeling, 'Hurry up and get done.' I just wanted it to hurry up and stop, said mother Latonya Stevens.

As Stevens heard the winds building, she went running down the hall to get to her four kids. She didn t make it.

All I heard was my kids and in that darkness my eyes were focused on my kids, no matter what. When you re a parent that s all you think about. Where are my kids? I gotta get to them, she said.

Realizing she had Ashley in her arms, the next thing Stevens remembers was realizing the rest of the top floor - and the other three kids - were all gone.

It started lightning and I said that I was gonna die and I just started screaming and my kids heard my screams and they started calling my name and I heard them calling my name and that s how I found the stairs, she said.

Seven-year-old Jamal had been picked up and dropped on the interstate behind the house.

I was flashing the light and I asked Jamal did he see the light and he said yes. I said to walk towards the light and he said 'I can t, I m stuck,' Stevens said.

A neighbor who rushed to help grabbed Jamal.

Five-year-old Ayanna hurt her arm when she landed in the neighbor's yard. The kid's parents said the twister picked them up and angels brought them back down.

We had angels watching over us. I don t know how they did it. I saw that house. I wouldn t think one person could survive let alone all of them, said Stevens.

So many people have asked how they can help the Stevens family so we ve compiled this list:

Monetary Donations:
Wells Fargo Account Name: Stevens Family Tornado Victims

To drop off clothing/toy donations in person (there is no mailbox):
United House of Prayer
1221 East Sugar Creek
Charlotte, N.C. 28213

If you'd like to mail something to family:
P.O. Box 560933
Charlotte, N.C. 28256

3-year-old twin girls 5 and 5T
4-year-old girl 6T
7-year-old boy 8-10
Mom 16-18 (1X)
Dad shirt size XL, Pants 38x32
Grandma size 4 (or small)

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