CHARLOTTE, N.C. --Officers from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department s Westover Division rounded up suspected drug dealers late Friday afternoon.

The intersection of West Boulevard and Remount Road has always been an area that most people would prefer to avoid.

Honestly, it's not right. They should not be worried about coming to the local store without being accosted by a drug dealer, said Lt. Andy Harris.

Some of the arrests occurred at the intersection, other suspects were picked up at home. Ricky Chisholm, Roy Mason, Larry Lowery and Quacey McFadden were all locked up Friday.

We have had undercover officers purchasing marijuana and cocaine here at the intersection, said Harris, who told NewsChannel 36 the investigation began six weeks ago.

Tuesday night there was a murder at that intersection. Antoine Cureton was stabbed to death and police think the drug trade played a role.

Captain Estella Patterson said that s part of the reason for Friday's roundup.

They re still actively investigating that case and an arrest has been made which is great, but again, we believe it might be related to drugs, she said.

Police said part of the historical problem in fighting the drug trade stems from a lack of support from neighboring businesses. Officers said most refuse to ban suspects who have been arrested on their property for dealing drugs.

If the stores allow them to stay there, I can t keep them off. If the stores refuse to ban them and say 'We don t want your business. You're selling drugs, go away.' We need the stores to step up, said Harris.

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