CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A ring of thieves is targeting women as they're out running every day errands.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police call them the Felony Lane Gang because they try to fool drive-through bank tellers.

They use stolen ID's and checks from women, and it s a growing problem in the Charlotte area.

Detective Mike Birch said these guys are part of a ring of thieves nationwide targeting women running errands and said they've hit several popular area parks.

They ll take a check from one jurisdiction, an ID from another and then go somewhere else and attempt to cash that check pretending to be the person on the ID, said Det. Birch.

The men work with women who wear wigs and other disguises while trying to cash the stolen checks.

They get the name Felony Lane Gang because the lane they use is the farthest from the drive-through so it s hard to be seen by the teller, Det Birch added.

I ve had a lot of bad things to happen to me but I think that was pretty bad, said one 82-year-old victim who now can t balance her checkbook after the ID thieves targeted her.

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