CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Meigan Alexander's yard looks perfect--but today there was one thing missing.

When we woke up this morning it was no longer here, she said.

The new-to-the-neighborhood newlywed has had a sign in front of her Dilworth-area home against Amendment One for a month.

My husband and I felt like we needed to voice our opinion. I'm hoping it will at least get people talking, she said.

And it did.

We did more than get people talking, it s all over Facebook. Our neighbors have been very supportive since our sign was trashed once and stolen once, said Alexander.

A few weeks ago, someone slashed a banner against the amendment in the Cotswald area.

It makes me angry. My husband and I were both livid that someone would come on our property and take our sign that were voicing our first amendment right.

Signs were stolen across the neighborhood, and Alexander and other residents said they have no idea who is responsible.

I understand someone not agreeing with us but for someone to come take our property, it was very surprising, said Alexander.

But, she said at least now more neighbors are talking about the signs than ever before.

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