CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Some of the 10,000 volunteers at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte next week say they re being kept in the dark.

We're five days away and no information, said volunteer Martin Doss. Treat the volunteers with a little respect.

Doss is a longtime member of the Democratic Party. He twice served as the campaign manager for late City Councilwoman Susan Burgess. Burgess was one of the first city leaders to make the push for the DNC in the Queen City.

He s assigned to help delegates at the Renaissance Hotel in SouthPark and assist inside the Bank of America Stadium during President Obama s speech on September 6. He claims he has little information about either duty.

I ve tried calling the phone numbers that they tell you people will be there to answer, and they don't answer.

Doss isn t alone. Carolyn McCandlish, 76, told NewsChannel 36 she was assigned to volunteer a shift next Friday night that ended at 1 a.m. She said she didn t sign up for the shift, nor could she physically do it.

Charlotte in 2012 s Facebook page also has complaints by people claiming to be volunteers, stating they ve had trouble communicating with convention organizers.

DNCC officials say emails have been sent to volunteers, and a total of 50 training sessions have been held.

It is a big job to train and deploy the 10,000 volunteers needed to ensure a successful convention next week. We appreciate their willingness to work together and give their time to make this event a success, said spokesperson Joanne Peters.

To be sure, many volunteers are pleased with the overall organization of the convention.

You just have to have a little bit of patience, said credential volunteer Phillip Kridel. I really haven't had a problem.

Officials encourage volunteers to contact their team captains with any questions.

Doss said despite what he sees as disorganization, he looks forward to next week.

I'm sure it ll all work out and come together, said Doss.

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