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CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officers are close to wrapping up their case in the death of NFL player Chris Henry.

NewsChannel 36 sources say, barring some last-minute surprise, Henry's fiancee will not face any charges.

No one knows whether he really committed suicide or not, said Dr. Paul Friday, a law enforcement expert at UNC-Charlotte.

The Cincinnati Bengals star wide receiver died in December when he either fell or leaped out of the back of a pickup truck driven by Loleini Tonga, his fiancee.

Tonga told ESPN in an interview that Henry jumped out of the truck, but he didn't do it with the intention of harming himself.

Tonga said she thinks Henry thought he would land safely and may have been scared because he saw someone calling the police.

A neighbor told police that Henry threatened suicide while the couple argued on Dec. 16 at the home owned by Tonga's parents in Charlotte.

He said, 'If you take off I'm going to jump out and kill myself,' said neighbor Lee Hardy.

But Friday said he doubts the threat was serious because no other information has surfaced that Henry was suicidal.

Most of the people who threaten to kill somebody or who threaten to commit suicide under those circumstances don't actually go through with it, Friday said.

Henry died from massive head injuries.

Police sources say that investigators have ruled out that Tonga was at fault.

Friday says when the verbal threat didn't work, Henry may have tried to do something else to get Tonga's attention.

He could have gotten on to the edge of the truck. He could have said, 'I'm really serious about this' and an accident could happen, Friday said.

Friday also says that people who are suicidal usually show it before they attempt it.

The chances that it was an accident are much greater than it was a real suicide unless there is other evidence that has not come forth, Friday said.

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