CHARLOTTE, N.C.-- Are you in a hurry? Planning to run through the drive-thru for another meal?

Dan Ballister created an app for those of us who love fast food but want to make good choices. He s calling it the Drive-Thru Dining Guide.

With a glance you can see a combo meal's calories, grams of fat, carbohydrates, even sodium content from 30 different fast food restaurants.

Ballister rates each choice, giving the best choice an A, and then rating the others with a B or C.

We all do it, he said. We're starving and see fast food and pull over and grab what we think is tasty and then find out we just ate all the calories and fat for the entire day in one meal.

Ballister isn t a doctor and didn't consult a nutritionist. His app is simply meant to help consumers make the best choice at the drive-thru.

It costs 99 cents and is also available in hard copy at

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