HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. -- A homeowner is spending the day power-washing after politically-motivated vandalism appeared on Wednesday morning.

The Huntersville man awoke to find his property damaged with white spray paint. The vandal wrote O , Obambo , and Obama won on his front door, garage door, electrical box, driveway and sidewalk.

(Click here for photos of the vandalism)

The homeowner, Scott Register, tells NBC Charlotte that he believes he knows who's responsible.

He says it all started when a woman saw him remove an Obama campaign sign from a produce store. Register continued that he knows the family, and says he had permission to remove the sign. The woman followed him home and confronted him about it, Register explained.

Next, an exchange on Facebook began about the presidential candidates, and the fact that Register supported Mitt Romney.

Then, after the elections are said-and-done, Register finds his home defaced with politically-motivated markings, prompting him to spend the day power-washing away.

We ve lost our respect for debate in this country and it s just turned into fighting. It s uncalled for and it s a sad, sad state of our country, Register said.

Neighbors came out to help the man clean up the mess, and show their support.

What should have been a nice, decent election I feel like some people have taken it a little bit to the extreme when it s unnecessary, said neighbor George Heck. When you go to doing this to somebody just because they didn t agree with you, it s very childish and really said to see it come to this.

Register says his candidate might have lost the election, but the support and help he s getting is a victory for his neighborhood.

The damage is estimated around the $2,000 mark, and Register has filed a vandalism report with police.

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