RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) -- A machine recount doesn't appear to have changed Mike McIntyre's narrow lead in the race for a North Carolina congressional seat.

The State Board of Elections says the Democratic incumbent holds a 663-vote advantage over Republican challenger David Rouzer after 11 of the 12 counties within the 7th Congressional District finished recounts. McIntyre had a 655-vote lead over Rouzer before the recount began this week.

State board director Gary Bartlett said the 12th county -- Duplin -- was expected to complete its recount early Wednesday evening.

The Rouzer and McIntyre campaigns said they would make statements after Duplin is complete. Rouzer could ask for a more detailed recount.

Bartlett said a hand-to-eye recount involving a very close state Senate race at the coast wouldn't start in earnest until next week.

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