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PINEVILLE, N.C -- Pineville Police Officers are investigating a very unusual case of theft. It involves bird-napping, and now authorities are saying one of the suspects is a pregnant woman.

In the evening on Tuesday, November 13, two people walked into Parrot U and walked out with a couple of rare cockatoos.

Authorities say they believe the female suspect in the surveillance footage is seven to eight months pregnant.

They just grabbed their feet as they headed for the door, they pulled them against their bodies, said Debbie Foster, a parrot trainer who has worked at Parrot U for many years.

Parrot U is a rescue service for exotic birds, and is located at 321 S Polk Street in Pineville. Foster says the suspects walked in and pretended to be customers.

She was doing some things to shut down the store and they waited for an opportunity, trainer explained.

The service has security video of the theft and has posted photographs of the two birds on the internet.

Jasmine is a Moluccan Cockatoo, with peach colored feathers. Emmy is an Umbrella with dark red eyes.

These were really well socialized birds who liked most people-- especially people who treated them calmly, said Foster.

She's worried that the birds will be mistreated now.

We are heartsick over that, because we think that's the likelihood-- not a long-shot, Foster expressed.

Pineville Police are looking at birds for sale on the internet, and pursued a lead to Salisbury, but it turned out to be a false alarm.

Foster says Parrot U has posted a reward of $1500, and wont press charges if the thieves do the right thing and return Jasmine and Emmy.
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