YORKCOUNTY, S.C. -- They are the stars of the show, but it's not all fun and games.

A group of officers and police dogs come out to York County every year to hone their skills, and take their craft to new heights. From the ground to the air... these canines are put to the test.
but not just any dogs.

Marinsville, Indiana K-9 officer Mike Arthur explained, This is bloodhound only, so it's all man trailing--tracking. Different scenarios that we run into that we work on.

While the training focuses on things like searching for suspects or lost childen, these officers say nothing beats this kind of real-world training. And, they give a lot of credit to the hard-working instructors, who watch their every move.

When I'm working my dog, I'm just kind of focused on her head and reading her body language. Whereas the instructors always walk behind you. They are watching everything around the dog. They see things that I dont see in my dog, Arthur explained.

Officers not just from the Carolinas, but Virginia, Indiana, Georgia and beyond, they come here for a reason.

This seminar has one of the best reputations in the country, that's why so many people come, stated Louisa County, Virginia Sheriff's Department Lieutenant Patrick Sheridan.

And after a decade and a half of the program, you can bet both the officers and the canines will be coming back.

We'll come as long as they have it, Arthur expressed.

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