CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A Charlotte family is breathing a sigh of relief after a lengthy legal fight. The family avoided foreclosure on a home they spent years fixing for their disabled daughter.

Jessica Sanchez isn't your typical high school senior. She was born with Spina Bifida with so she's bound to a wheelchair. Her father has worked hard for the last 12 years to make their home fit her needs.

When we bought this house, it was all carpet and I couldn't get around, and the doors were like this, they were small, says Jessica.

But in March, the family received notice from Bank of America they were facing foreclosure.

Her father Gonzalo lost his job in layoffs and had to choose between the mortgage or Jessica's health.

I get sick often, I need pills, doctor appointments, stuff like that, and the cost was really high, so my dad was like, 'I'll just pay her bills,' said Jessica.

Desperate for help they found the advocacy group, Action NC, along with Home Defenders League, who help families in situations like this.

We decided to form a campaign around them to get their situation out into the open, said Luis Rodriguez with Action NC.

The group helped them find the right legal aid, community support and even organized a rally in Uptown during the DNC which gained some national attention for their family, and suddenly, in November, the bank offered the Sanchez a modification to their loan.

They were able to see the amount they owed in arrears forgiven, part of their principal forgiven, and their interest rate lowered so it could be affordable within their budget, said Rodriguez.

Now Jessica says she can go back to worrying about normal teenage problems, like graduating from high school.

We can now live how we were living before, calm, without being scared someone is going to come knock on the door and say you have to take your things out because you're leaving.

The family is hosting a Housewarming Party Thursday night for all the community, friends and advocacy groups that helped them save their home.
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