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LAKE NORMAN -- The highest Lake Norman waterfront price tag still goes to NASCAR driver and team owner Michael Waltrip.

His Lincoln County estate is still for sale at nearly $8 million. We showed you the home exclusively last year.

It had been on the market for more than $10 million, but Waltrip reduced the amount of land for sale and lowered the price.

You've got a completely renovated kitchen, said real estate agent Jason Noblitt as he walked into the 4,700-square-foot main house last year. It is a renovated 1800s farmhouse, which now has heated marble floors, custom painted walls and a master closet that takes up two rooms.

Out back there's a pool and spa, which connects to a 4,500-square-foot guest house. It has an outdoor kitchen and an indoor racquetball and basketball court with something Noblitt says is no doubt unique.

It has a special surface you can ice skate on, he said.

You're probably thinking it's hard enough right now to sell an average house in this economy, much less one with a multimillion-dollar price tag. So, where do you find buyers for a place like this?

We're marketing all across the country,, he said.

He also thinks this would be a great fit for someone in professional sports considering who owns it now.

Of course, it's owned by a NASCAR team owner and driver right now and we are marketing to all team owners and drivers, said Noblitt.

It's hard to get your arms around how big it is and what type of person would enjoy it, he said as he drove Waltrip's Hummer golf cart.

From this vantage point you could see the rest of what the estate has to offer. There's a stocked fishing pond, a private Lake Norman cove with three docks and a barn equipped for horses. The golf cart comes in handy on the par three golf course, which spans the property. And just when you think you've seen it all, we rode by a wine vault built into the side of a hill.

Although Noblitt feels the asking price is fair for this much land and so much square footage, he is also realistic. He knows finding the perfect buyer for such a lavish property could take some time.

In a perfect market, I think it would take six months to a year. I think it'll still take that. I think there is a certain buyer for this type of home who sort of floats above the clouds of normal economic problems and I think that is who we're catering to, he concluded.

In case you're wondering, Noblitt says Waltrip is downsizing and traveling too much to keep the place up.

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