DAVIDSON, N.C. -- The best Christmas gift they could get is how a local family describes thousands of dollars in free repairs to their Davidson home.

Their house on Westside Terrace was falling apart but there was no money to fix it.

It takes every ounce of effort Matty Mundy has to get up the stairs into the house and in and out of her own bathtub. The 84-year-old has arthritis and recently had a stroke.

It's not much easier for Mundy's daughter, Roberta. She's just coming off her second hip replacement and lives in the same house with her mother.

We do need work done, Mundy said.

But making the entrance handicapped accessible wasn't in the budget. Neither was gutting the bathtub for a shower or fixing the rotting floor.

(We had) water leaking and water dripping, Mundy said.

The Mundy's asked the Davidson Housing Coalition for help. At the time, a program helping repair run down homes funded mostly by grants and fundraisers was out of money.

So the housing coalition teamed up with homebuilder Saussy Burbank and made the Mundy house this year's Holiday house --getting repairs for Christmas.

It's the right thing to do. Folks need help, said Robert Hoffman with Saussy Burbank.

Soon a ramp will lead up to a porch and the front door. The bathroom vanity, toilet, sink, fixtures and floor will be new.

Most of our days are thankless and you get gratification out of doing stuff like this for people, Hoffman said.

It is an estimated $7,000-$10,000 in repairs for free, making the Mundy family more mobile and less worried in their own home.

It's going to be the best Christmas. It's going to be good, Mundy said.

Work started Tuesday and is expected to finish Thursday.

The Davidson Housing Coalition says it has a dozen families on a waiting list for home repairs.

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