CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- At the Charlotte Rifle and Pistol Club they are taking advantage of a perfect day. Mostly ex-military and former hunters, all 1,400 members of the club are also NRA members. They are bracing for new gun controls, but seem open to the idea on some level.

Bob Taylor expressed, I think whatever process is used, as long as reasonable people come out with something good.

Range spokesman Jerry Levansays he would especially be open to new reforms that control access to ammunition-- one of the big concerns in many of the recent high profile shootings.

Frankly, to hunt does not require a 30 round magazine, nor does a pistol require 30 round magazine.

He admits, the gun control debate is full of loaded questions--ones politicians are being challenged to finally tackle head on.

We tried to get comment from several in our area, including incoming congressman Richard Hudson; he didn't respond, but the first thing you see on his campaign website is a picture of him with a shotgun over his shoulder and the phrase, Defending our second amendment rights.

Representative Mick Mulvaney gave NBCCharlotte a written statement saying, I hope we look at more than just gun control.

Congressman-elect Robert Pittenger told NBCCharlotte that guns are not the problem.

You can have all the new regulations and controls you want, but people who want to do bad find a way to get it, Pittenger said.

Senator Kay Hagan said, We need a common sense debate on a comprehensive approach that looks at access to guns, including laws that may have already been on the books, access to mental health care, and violent video games.
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