AUSTIN, TX -- Pro-gun activists are rallying across the country today and in Austin, hundreds showed up at the StateCapitol for Gun Appreciation Day.

The debate over gun control has been going on since December after the elementary school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. Today rallies were held in 49 states and The Texas State Capitol in Austin was packed with people who say theyarefighting for their constitutional rights.

Today is the first national Gun Appreciation Day. People were encouraged to go to their local gun stores and gun ranges to show their support for thesecond amendment. The pro-gun activists say their rights are in jeopardy because of President Obama's proposals to reduce gun violence.

We had the unfortunate, horrible thing that happened in Newtown, we had the horrible thing that happened in Aurora and instead of coming up with logical solutions: mental health, criminal background checks, making them a little more strict or more enforceable maybe... instead he's using it as a way to make a gun grab. He just wants to take away everybody's right whether you're a danger to anybody or not, claims Craig Bevil, who protested at the Capitol Saturday.

The President and gun control advocates have been pushing for stricter background checks on gun sales and bans on certain types of assault weapons. The president has also asked congress to reinstate an assault weapons ban that expired in 2004.

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