Obie the Dachshund, who became famous because he was morbidly obese and could barely move, has lost 31 pounds since he was taken in by his mom Nora and is nearing his goal weight, which is about 37 pounds.

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The story of Obie received national attention in August when the dog s elderly owners in Puyallup relinquished him. At that time he weighed a whopping 77 pounds and could barely get around.

Nora began a campaign to slim the suffering pooch down, and a Facebook page called Biggest Loser Doxie Edition chronicles his weight loss journey. The page has more than 80,000 fans so Obie has a lot of support.

Nora says Obie is doing great and becoming more active every day.

It is extremely rewarding watching him blossom into his full potential as a happy dog and he has an amazing personality, she says. He has fit in beautifully with the rest of my pack, Hunter and Noggin.

Obie's only exercise is being active around the house and yard with the other dogs.

Just like humans, Obie is going to need skin reduction surgery after he reaches the 40-pound mark. The pooch has a ball of blubber on his chest.

He has a lot of extra skin on his chest and it is at risk for injury and infection, Nora says. It used to impede his mobility but is better now that it is mostly skin and not fat.

His bosom, as Nora calls it, will likely disappear after the surgery.

After he has the surgery, Obie's weight loss will be maintained by regular walks and a normal dog food diet.

Currently he is on the Purina Veterinary OM diet, Nora says.

Obie celebrates his 7th birthday on Feb. 17 and celebrated with a cake at a Portland coffee shop with his friends (see video below).

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