YORK, S.C. -- A roving DUI patrol effort in the city of York netted four drunk driving arrests.

York Police Chief Andy Robinson says the roving patrol concentrated on impaired driving all across the city. Additional officers were scheduled from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. as part of the operation.

Officers cited four drivers with DUI, one of which was a result of a crash, Chief Robinson said.

The York Police Department plans to implement the roving DUIpatrols at least once a month in an effort to crack down on the drunk driving in the city.

Chief Robinson says DUIcontinues to be the leading cause of death resulting from vehicle crashes in the State of South Carolina.

The four drivers cited with DUI in the weekend operation are Wanda Devinney, 48, Amanda Dover, 22, Ian Simpson, 23, and Bobby Griffin, 40.

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