FORT WORTH -- Close to 7,000 words and more than 2,200 names later, Ron White finally did it.

The U.S. Navy veteran recorded the names of the military fallen from Afghanistan on a makeshift wall in downtown Fort Worth on Thursday. And he did it all from memory.

I have pictures in my mind for each name, said White, who served one tour of duty in Afghanistan in 2007.

He has been practicing since May, when he hatched the idea. But despite a growing group of onlookers, White said he isn't doing it for the attention.

I would have done this in a field by myself if no one showed up, just because it's something I wanted to do, he said.

Valoree Murray was one of hundreds that showed up to watch.

I just feel very blessed, the military mother said.

Her son made it back from serving overseas, but she knows many families that aren't so lucky. She said the wall serves as a great reminder that freedom isn't free.

White spent around 11 hours writing all of the names.

The project will be taken down on Friday but White plans to tour the country doing the same thing in major cities everywhere.

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