CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The snow flurries came down hard, fast and unexpected in Charlotte.
In the Promenade in south Charlotte, the snowflakes were big and they were sticking.

The snow stuck to branches, bushes, and on the golf course at Rain Tree.

It s exactly what the First Warn Storm Team said would happen. Snow speckled the viewing area with harder hits in southern Mecklenburg County.

Five year old Benton Vann woke up ready for soccer, but had a plan b in mind when asked what he likes to do in the snow.

We like to build snowmen...and snowball fights, said Benton.

There wasn t enough snow for fights or snowmen. It didn't stick for long, and not at all on cement or roads.

As the First Warn Storm Team predicted temperatures were just too warm.

Frank Derosier is amused by it all. He's visiting from Canada.

Let's just say it's not much of a snow fall back in Montreal. I was coming here to get away from the snow and unfortunately it's followed me down, said Derosier.

On this first Saturday in March there was plenty of snow, enough for the kids to have fun, but still not affecting the way people move around on a Saturday.

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